Our local paper, the Eugene-Springfield Register Guard, published a pro-UFO letter this morning. Very good letter, from a Mr. Robert Bolman.  I go online to find the letter to link to it; the Register Guard site does not have it. Maybe you can find it.

The letter is titled Easy explanation: UFOs are real and in it, Mr. Bolman writes that the paper’s recent article on the Kenneth Arnold sighting was “too little, too late, for the biggest, most important news story ever in human history.” Best of all, Bolman writes:

No doubt, many readers are rolling their eyes … not because it lacks merit, but because blistering, career-destroying ridicule has been a major ploy used to keep the extraterrestrial presence on Earth secret for the 70 years since Kenneth Arnold saw those nine saucer-shaped craft.  (Bolman, Register Guard, July 3 2017)

One more thing: I don’t know if this is the same Robert Bolman who is a local educator, but if he is, right on Mr. Bolman!