Speaking of clowns (see previous post), I had forgotten about an article I wrote for Tim Binnall on his site. (My Trickster’s Realm column at BOA.) The tittle is MIBS, Clowns and Helicopters, from 2008! Awhile ago. An excerpt:

Christa Tilton, an abductee, had a few frightening encounters with MIBS; chasing her down in their shiny car, trying to run her off the road, and so on. She said that the MIB’s “lips appeared to be reddened in some way.” (p110) This was independent of Dr. Hopkin’s description.

The consistency among the MIBS appearance in general, and this odd specific detail, add more mystery to an otherwise Big Mystery: UFOs. What, who, where, why, how? Something about the red lips gives me the creeps; reminding me of Killer Clowns From Space and clowns in general. Don’t mistake this for some kitschy appreciation of a pop culture meme; I don’t like clowns, not one bit. There’s a whole shadowy world of clowns in Forteana (including some Mothman related stuff) that is not the amusing, friendly and harmless circus type clown some know and love. (I don’t think the circus is any wholesome happy place either but that’s another story.)