I blogged on sister Orange (Orange Orb on blogger) that I haven’t given up on UFOs and all related strangeness. Just resting. But “give up?” never. Tired of the whole thing? No — though certainly tired of a lot of the sociologica

green laser

l aspects within UFO Land. But not the journey, not the subject. So, I took a look through a journal I kept way back when, and found this. Always interesting what you remember: I remember, to this day, the green screen, but not the rest.  The following is from that journal, just a few minor edits for clarity:

From May, 1991

I had another OBE. The night was an odd one — I felt very hot — not the hot you’d feel if the heat was on up too high, or too many b

lankets, but I was hot. Very uncomfortable physical feeling. A restless night; I kept drifting in and out on many levels but all were extremely uncomfortable. I was

fighting something; I remember thinking that thought and didn’t want to go to sleep. At one point I had an intense OBE (out of body experience).  With this was the distinct and very strong feeling — a real feeling — of someone, something, pulling m

e forcefully from my body. Specifically, pulling on my left hand. This presence was pulling “me” out of my shell: my body. It all felt like heavy wool, or cotton, I was being pulled and I was fighting it, and suddenly I saw inside my head someone, or something, put it there. A fluorescent green screen with columns of words flashing by left to right, like a computer screen, or more like a microfiche machine.

I heard a voice, and a sensation of the origin of this voice “pointing” to the screen and say “laser” meaning I was to read that word, see it within all the other words and numbers.

So damn uncomfortable, and all the next day I felt really crummy.

I told James the next evening : all I said was “I didn’t sleep well last night.”  He then told me he didn’t’ either. He had odd dreams ” . . . about a

liens” he said, but couldn’t remember anything specific. Also, he had the same sensation I had of being hot and he told me (without my offering any info on my own) that it was a different kind of hot, one he’d never experienced before.

Today, reading the mystery “Probable Cause” and the coroner in the book uses a laser to see the “unseen” on a human body and the color of this laser they use for their purposes was “fluorescent green.”

I like that last bit of Trickster like synchronicity; reading about green fluorescent lasers detecting the “unseen” on human bodies.

Well, there it is. James and I have had many a shared experience, or parallel experiences, throughout our marriage, as well as similar encounters during childhood.

For awhile there, decades ago, and following our Orange Orb sighting, we were having all kinds of UFO and generally anomalous experiences.