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I have a lot of alien dreams. Some are intense, some silly, some — especially the early ones — I know are directly related to waking time UFO events. It may seem obvious, but, as is the norm in Anomalous Fringe World, the obvious frequently escapes our notice and we forget to do the thing we need to do that, well, seems obvious. In this case, an alien dream journal. You’d think I would have started one by now. In a sense, I have, in terms of blogs and an on-line presence.  Now is the time to do an actual, long hand journal, in a pretty and nifty book, its pages awaiting the latest.

Do some of these dreams represent something else entirely, and I’m using the motif of UFO as a stand-in? No doubt. But others; I’m not sure. Others, I know are representative of something deeper and more literal, UFO wise.

So, here’s a dream I had the other night:

I travel to San Fransicio, or maybe, Chicago. (I’ve lived in the Santa Cruz area and have been to San Fransico, also have family there, but never have been to Chicago.) (this is also a recent recurring dream landscape: the big city, San Fransico.) I’m upstairs in a hotel, or apartment, third or fourth story. The rooms are bare, save for a couple of beds, maybe a small table and chairs. No curtains on the windows. 

I look outside, it’s twilight. I see dozens of large spheres bobbing in the sky right outside the window. The spheres are exactly alike, in color, shape and size. An ugly light green color, tapering (ombre) to an ugly rose type color at the bottom. Ugh. 

They are not balloons. They are not drones, or planes, or anything mundane. They are UFOs, with aliens inside of them. And these aliens, while unseen, are nasty bastards. Up to no good. 

The aliens are after us. I’m inside this room with a few others; friends, family… and some strangers bang on the door, wanting to let them in. They have no where to go. The people I’m with don’t want me to let them in, and I don’t want to either. I don’t know them. But, they are as scared as I am and in danger as well, so I say “What the hell” and let them in. 

I realize we have to cover the windows. As long as we do, the aliens can’t get to us. I have a semi-lucid dream moment where I think: “Wait a second. If they’re aliens, andthey’re so damn smart and more evolved than us technologically, couldn’t they see through the curtains and sense our presence?” But I scurry around for something to use as curtains, and pull the sheets off the beds, using those to cover the windows.

Then I wake up.

Well there it is. I haven’t gone into it yet to try to figure it out. But if I keep a journal I think I’ll be seeing patterns and will be able to decode some of this stuff.