Reports of orbs in the sky; orange, green, among them, are certainly mysterious. And so is this New York Times article about green orbs. But, not of the UFO kind. This is of the plant kind. Nothing at all to do with UFOs, or anything in the fringe.

The green orbs in this case are what I know as ‘Japanese moss balls’ but they go by many names. I have one; when I first read about them and saw images of them online I had to get one. I bought mine at PetSmart.

These round mossy balls live in water. After reading the article, about how the balls rise up and create bubbles according to light, I realized I might be keeping my green orb in too small a container.

green moss orb.jpg

Moss balls, lake balls, Cladophora balls, marimo: Whatever you call them, they’re strange — and they’re beautiful.

These mysterious green orbs occupy cool lakes in the Northern Hemisphere in places like Scotland, Iceland and Ukraine. In Japan, they are a protected species and official national treasure. ~ [New York Times]