Isaac Koi on FB has been asking a lot of questions; posing them, inviting responses, which of course have been coming in by the hundreds. Yes, I responded as well. Not sure why. . .

All right, so what is all this about? Among the many questions asked by Koi: the same old discussion, with everyone — including those skepti-bunkies (oh, why?!) —  chiming in. What should UFOlogy be doing to be taken seriously? What should UFOlogy do to improve itself?  This is the post:

We can probably all agree ufology is, um, not perfect. Let’s focus on the positive:

(1) Can ufology be improved?
(2) If so, how? (Isaac Koi)

We need to decide what needs to be improved? Who decides that? Why?
In that post, skepti-bunkie Lance Moody actually ‘liked’ my post, which I find both amusing and ironic:
It’s a fantasy. Can never be because UFOlogy is a loop of maddening contradictions. Who’s going to judge what’s true, real, legit, valid? Whose story? Why? Individual witnesses, like myself — I can’t prove what happened to me. So then what? Stay quiet? My more bizarre events happened, as well as the more mundane. Which ones count? Who decides? Why? Who gets to choose who decides? For every system, group, collection of parameters, there are others who will ignore, dismiss, argue against. We’ve never going to get anywhere. That ‘s okay. But that’s the part many have trouble with: for them, it’s not “okay.” We need THIS! We need THAT! In order to succeed. No we don’t. What we need is to listen, really listen. What we need is honesty. Honest story telling, honest listening, honest research. That last bit: includes calling out in a big way the creeps who get away with crap — like David Jacobs. Get a non-judgemental data base going, get honest, get serious. Stop mocking and rolling your eyes and wanting to be accepted and cuddled by Big Science. Use what you need to use from all areas, but stop whining about “being accepted.” Just do the work. Just do the honest, goddamn work. (Regan Lee, Facebook)
Yes, of course, the hoaxers and let’s not forget — sleaze bags, like David Jacobs — abound.  If we all agree with this (and I do) then what? That’s the problem.
In another FB post, Koi mused about policing UFO Land. Who is going to decide who does the policing? There are many out here in UFO Land that don’t think Jacobs did much, or anything, wrong, and still invite him to speak at conferences, still buy his books. He’s still considered a valid researcher.
This is the problem. Who decides who does the work of being the UFO Improvement Police? AND, what shall be considered illegal activity? Who will make the laws? Who decides what is, and isn’t, valid within UFOlogy?
Can’t be done.
Shouldn’t be done. Of course we are all responsible, and need to stand up and speak. Which many of us do. Agree, don’t agree, whatever. Say so. But speak! Other than that, feh.