I’ll be a guest angelgoodbad.pngagain  on Tim Beckely’s podcast in June. More to come on that. Time, date, etc. I was asked to submit some topics to discuss; I told Tim Schwartz I’ll get back to him with some ideas.

Then later, I realized: I don’t have any ideas. I don’t want to discuss, again, all my Orange Orb-Missing Time – Bigfoot Related Weirdness. Not that I mind, but I have a feeling a lot of people out there do. Again, with this? I hear them saying.  So much on my mind, always about “all this” in UFO Land, but I want something specific and constructive.

Last night, thinking on this, I called out to Archangel Gabriel (helper guide of writers) for ideas. And had a dream about my interview, talking trash — trash I tell you! –about MUFON. But deeper than that, insightful calling them out comments. Deeper and deeper we went. Not about UFOs themselves, but the humans researching them. Their agendas regarding UFOs. That’s the issue, really, more so than the actual UFOs. Almost.

In the dream, I was articulate. Had my paranormal shit together. Then of course, upon awakening, I forgot the specifics.

But something lurks in the subconscious, about hidden agendas. Not by “them” — it’s a given their agendas are hidden — but by some of us.