Heard a ghost story today. I will not reveal where, or details, in order to protect the witness. I don’t have permission, so, no.

But the story is a basic ghost story, of an apparition appearing as a “real” person, who abruptly — very abruptly — disappears. As many a ghost story goes, this one took place in outdoors, in an area where, anyone coming or going would have been easily noticed. Also, the witness had given this ghost/visitor physical items. Items which seemed to have left with the ghost. Who disappeared as quickly and oddly as he had appeared.

I related this story to my husband, who asked about the items. If they were physical items, where did they go? Did the “ghost” take them with him? They weren’t around — the witness did not see them.

Was there physical evidence of these items given to the ghost before hand? If so, where are these things now?

My husband speculated if this ghostly encounter wasn’t really, in fact, a cover memory of an alien abduction.

Damn interesting!

Who knows, of course. These seemingly different and specific phenomena often merge; crossing over each other. One playing at being another? Or all the same? Or, sometimes the “same?”