I have a recurring dream. I’ve been dreaming this dream for decades. Goes like this:

It’s night. I’m in bed, watching the yellow light beneath the door, waiting for “them.” The little beings that I can barely see. I have to wait like this, part of the “ritual” although I didn’t think of that way when I was a child. Just kind of excited, waiting to “play.” 

They come. Float me out through the bedroom door, the hall door, through the living room — where I see my mother and grandmother, maybe some others, talking, watching t.v. — and float me out the front door. They put me up in the large pine tree on the corner of our street. The house next door to us, the one on the corner, had a huge pine tree on the corner of the front yard. 

I’m not the only one sitting happily on a branch, high up in the tree, waiting for the rest of “them.” My friend Pamela is here too. We wait together. The two of us are used to this, happens all the time. Soon the ship will come and we’ll go inside and be with the rest of “them.”

In this recurring dream, it’s only Pamela. Not any of my other friends from school or the neighborhood, not my god sister or sisters or anyone else. Always Pamela.

Is there literal meaning to this memory? I still have dreams, decades later, of her, where I contact her. She is far away, and it was quite an ordeal getting her number, etc. to reach her. But I finally do.

We also used to sneak up to the roof tops of the multi-apartment complex she lived in in Hancock Park. Late at night, sitting up on the roofs of buildings. Did something happen on those rooftops, something we, or I, don’t remember?

I haven’t been in contact with this person since my early twenties. No idea where she is, her last name (married, kept her maiden name, what) — and, regrettably, my behavior back then was not the best. (Drugs, rock and roll, the seventies, … enough said.)

Dreams of UFOs, space ships, non-human beings appearing and communicating . . . childhood memories that, when shared with some family members, are met with uneasy and startlingly confirmations of similar memories.