“Meh. Feh. People have experiences. People, being people, then interpret those experiences according to their cultural, religious, spiritual, political, etc. beliefs, contexts, upbringings. Nothing new there. All this stuff about being objective — well, we sure do need that! Except, within this holy chase of being objective, we forget that people have experiences that are, at best, weird. Some of us put those experiences into a comfort box where All Is Explained. Others, like myself, don’t know what the fuck happened, except, it DID happen, whatever it was, and it was weird, and continues, and so now what?” ~ Regan Lee on Facebook, June 2019


That’s what I posted on Facebook this evening in response to a thread about the need, and lack, of “objectivity” in UFO research.

Two minds here. One, sure, I think one should be objective. Especially if you’re a researcher, or simply an interested on-looker of UFOs. You can’t go in there with a pre-determined idea of What This Whole UFO Thing Is All About. You don’t know — you don’t! — and neither do I. We have ideas, theories, speculations, and that is not a bad thing. At all! At all! But it’s not the truth, or that utopian idea of “objectivity.”

The other mind, says, “Oh, well, clearly — CLEARLY!!!!! — it’s angels. Or demons. Or fairies, dark projects, weapons technology, and the list is just endless.

The Reptilian that comes, or the angel, or the alien, or the lovely sexual/asexual Space Sister/Brother, with messages of peace and gentle chidings of care for the planet, may be the message.  But does that mean it’s the truth? The entity may be real (or, not) but its message may be pure bullshit.

Or, it could be, most likely is, a little bit of all of those things: some conspiracy, some non-human entity melodrama, some sci-fi-yet-all-too-real DARPA weaponry, etc.

Meanwhile, we’re still left with experiences. Sightings. Encounters. The researcher out there who doesn’t know me, didn’t see what I saw, can only be “objective.” Up to a point, that’s good. A different perspective, a needed reminder to stop, breathe and think.

Thank you. I needed that.

At the same time, for many a witness/experiencer/your label here, our experiences continue. And we still don’t have answers. We don’t have solutions.

The mystery continues. Many of us are stuck in a created answer. I can’t speak for others. But I also know that many of us remain stuck for different reasons. We don’t have answers. We reject a one size fits all, be it a religious, cultural, or whatever the fuck explanation. All we know is that weird stuff has always happened, and continues to happen. We want to know why, and how, and, what.

So while “objectivity” from outside can add insight, it isn’t an answer.

And this perspective that I’ve presented here is an old one, which proves that we haven’t gotten anywhere, really. Except for, very possibly, the recent revelations of various government data concerning UFOs. While that may be objective, it isn’t an answer. We still don’t know the whys, and the wheres, and the hows. We just know that there IS.

That’s objective. IT IS. Old, old data. Only the most stubborn, the most dense, the most thick headed of skeptic-debunker of the thick-headed-debunkers, can deny the existence of Otherness.

But that’s all we have really. The data that tells us that there is truly other shit out there. Doesn’t take us too far.

We need a kind of Zen approach, a real balance. Get out of our comfort zones in terms of frameworks that make us feel better, yet reject the blindness that can come of objectivity. Because, in the end, whether it’s gorillas or bees or the mating habits of heterosexuals on the west coast of the U.S., there is not true, real, objectivity.

So everyone relax. And listen.