If this keeps up I’m going to have to start a dream journal-blog. (No, don’t do it! Too many already!)

Lately my dreaming mind has been roiling with the supernatural. See my two  previous posts.

Last night:

I’m in telepathic communication with a young man (late twenties or so) who is Egyptian, or maybe Syrian . . . at first, our communication is telepathic, then we move on to face to face time via computer, like Skype. I am a famous medium-psychic-past life regressor. I am telling this young man all about his past lives. He is very interested, very surprised. 

I’ve written a book. A big book, about things paranormal and supernatural. I’m standing in the desert (where the young man lives?) with a few other people. I’m holding a silver wand/staff object. I’m telling these people something about the original book, the manuscript or porto-type book, holds some very powerful and unique information, as well as little objects, that if China gets ahold of it, it’s the end for all of us. The END. Really, really bad. 

China gets ahold of the book somehow. So we go to China, have to sneak around, pretend we’re not interested in the book. Armed police, guards, everywhere. Everywhere. Cameras, microphones. We steal the book, somehow. We’re chased. It’s bad. We get away with the book.

Woke up this morning to read about the million or so protesters in Hong Kong protesting

China’s latest fascist doings:

bomb cellar.jpeg

HONG KONG — Hundreds of thousands protested in Hong Kong on Sunday against a government plan that would allow extraditions to mainland China.

The mass demonstration was among the largest in Hong Kong’s history, and another sign of rising fear and anger over the erosion of the civil liberties that have long set the semiautonomous city apart from the Chinese mainland.

Also read an item in the paper about a Richland, Washington state high school that has the mushroom cloud as its logo! The school is “proud of the cloud!” they chant. Unbelievable. You can read more here  about this incredible lack of judgement, and a brave young woman from Japan who shared her feelings about this to the school.

Later this morning, a co-worker telling me about a film she watched over the weekend where, at the end, the atomic bomb goes off.