Little synchronicities lately, coming at me in waves. Most trivial — no great metaphysical awakening happening here.  At the same time, isn’t the fact the synchronicities happen at all pretty groovy in a cosmic joker kind of way?

Last night, thinking I’d like to hear Lady Ga Ga’s Bad Romance, and how come the station I listen to that plays that kind of music hasn’t been  playing it recently? I turn on the radio, tuned to that station and yes, you’re right, Bad Romance had just started.

Jim and talking last night about selling or donating our Honda. Wanda, as we named her years ago, has been sitting in our driveway for some time. We discussed selling her, how much, she barely runs, we have to take pics, etc. etc. Today, coming home from running errands, we find a little note on our door, urging us to call if we want to sell our Honda. The man was still on our block, he came to talk to us. Good deal!

Those are just two of many little synchronicities. Not sure what causes these, but some of it might be simply focusing and intent. I’ve been intentionally concentrating on gratitude and positive energy, as well as communicating with what I call my angels, though, who or what they actually are, who can say. I put out the call, I’m being answered.

I know that that last part will cause many to heave a sigh and shake their heads at my dippy hippy new age angle. But it is so. In UFO Land and related realms, honesty is crucial. And if sometimes that means exposing one’s vulnerable side, well, that’s the way it is.