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"The part we ignore…may contain the clue to the whole subject." ~ J. Allen Hynek


May 2020

A Silver Sphere,Tall Whites on the Brain

We did see a silver sphere shaped object above a field out on Lorane highway decades ago. It was still light but late afternoon, early evening. About fifty feet above a large grassy field (no animals around)  we saw a silver or chrome colored round object that was stationary, and rotating slowly. A white beam of light was shining down from underneath the object. I remember my husband and I both slowed down, watched it for a few moments. We both felt uncomfortable and agreed we didn’t like this, and, “let’s get out of here.”


Silver Sphere on Lorane Highway, oil pastel and ink on paper

Not sure why but I’ve had tall whites on my mind today.


Three Tall Whites, oil pastel and ink on paper
Two Tall Whites, oil pastel and ink on paper

Octopi on Europa

British scientist Professor Monica Grady theorizes that octopus like creatures live on Europa.  (Thanks to the Anomalist for story.)


Orb Emitting Figure

This is another drawing I did yesterday. Energy-entity figure emerging from an orange orb. It’s not my favorite drawing of the three, it’s the last one I did.


Energy-Entity Emerging From Orb, oil pastel

Orbs on the Brain

Felt the urge to do another one.


orbs in space
Orbs in Space, oil pastel on paper, Regan Lee May 2020

Channeling Orange Orb Beings

Well, not really channeling, that’s not fair. But after watching this 2013 YouTube video interview with UFO researcher  Richard Haines (thanks to Erica Lukes for alerting me to this) I immediately got out my oil pastels and did this in about five minutes. What’s interesting to me is that I didn’t draw orange orbs, but these figures. As my dear one commented, “They look like they’re from another dimension, not quite here.”  That’s the feeling I had when drawing these — that these orange beings were a form of energy emanating from the orb.

orangeorb figures
Orange Orb Beings, oil pastel on paper, Regan Lee 2020

Realm of the Weird Juxtaposition

Saw this on Boing Boing: a very odd house in Yamhill, Oregon. Which is also the home of the famous Trent farm UFO photos of 1950. McMinnville, Oregon in Yamhill county is home to an annual UFO Festival every May, inspired by the Trent event.  (This year, due to the virus, the festival’s been postponed.)

No mention if the house is haunted or otherwise anomalous, except for it’s design. From the outside, doesn’t look too strange, though it does have a mild spooky vibe. The gray house just sitting there beneath grayer clouds. But inside, weird angles abound. Could be strange episodes happen; the energy inside a space can certainly be felt and change a person’s physical and emotional sense. If you’ve spent some time in a yurt, for example, then go back into the usual square room, you know what I mean.


Live and Let Die

The virus…what to say? I take it seriously, this is nothing to take casually.  Aside from the virus itself, there is all the surreal and truly insane culture around the virus. I wear the masks and gloves and practice social distancing and leave the house only for things like groceries. (After my bout with pneumonia in the fall I am very careful.)

The bozo-nazis who storm state capitols while armed (and yet, often, masked) are unfortunately, yet understandably, thrown into the conspiracy crazy pot. Yet there is the obvious reality: the virus is intentional, and the manipulations by many in power are also intentional. The shadowy forces never tire. They are working feverishly away at keeping the virus culture alive. All the anxiety, frustrations, money problems, intense emotions, political and religious nonsense is kept alive by these forces. Conspiracy? Yes. So what. As the saying goes, just because it’s a conspiracy doesn’t make it not true.

It’s in your face time. rTrump visits a mask making factory — not wearing a mask, though  he is wearing goggles for some reason — while, get this, Live and Let Die plays in the background. Just one of many obvious we’re laughing at you, Jack, moments in the current global madness.


A Mini-Rant About Coast to Coast

Question/Rant: What do things like the economy, politics, etc. have to do with the paranormal? (I know, para-politics, true, but then get into the conspiracy stuff, which is fine) I’m talking about shows like C2C. Then again, I realize it’s Noory we’re talking about, right wing thick headed and dense. As always, I am fascinated by the juxtaposition of those who hold onto right wing beliefs along with total acceptance of the paranormal and UFO cover-ups — the latter, by the way, created by the very government the alt right supports. Then again, as we know, the Trickster, the Cosmic Joker, the contradictions, are ever present in the World of the Weird.

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