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"The part we ignore…may contain the clue to the whole subject." ~ J. Allen Hynek



The Mind Postcard and the Comet

Not unusual: lying in bed, thinking of images and color, ideas for paintings. Had a nice image in my head, thinking about the colors, etc. The image was still — stationary — in my head. And then, suddenly, from nowhere, a comet comes shooting by over the little house in my picture. Where did that come from? A visitor from the metaphysical beyond. Really odd, never happened to me before like that. (I’ve had abrupt mind postcards before, but not in this way.) So I included the comet in this drawing.


Comet, oil pastel and ink on paper

Orange Orb Over Lorane Highway

enhanced orb
Glowing Orange Orb Over Lorane Highway, digitally enhanced  acrylic on canvas

Interesting how playing around with images and moving away from the original intent can convey the feeling of an event better than what you started out with. I really like this image; did not like the original painting much. I was trying to capture the impact, the suddenness of the appearance of the orange orb seen decades ago in Eugene, Oregon. But the original painting didn’t do that, and, it was pretty much a “meh” kind of painting.  After playing around with the image on the computer, I really like the looks of this image. Even though the white foreground gives the appearance of snow, possibly and the actual landscape was green, dark and woodsy, this conveys the emotional feeling much better.


Orb Emitting Figure

This is another drawing I did yesterday. Energy-entity figure emerging from an orange orb. It’s not my favorite drawing of the three, it’s the last one I did.


Energy-Entity Emerging From Orb, oil pastel

Orbs on the Brain

Felt the urge to do another one.


orbs in space
Orbs in Space, oil pastel on paper, Regan Lee May 2020

Realm of the Weird Juxtaposition

Saw this on Boing Boing: a very odd house in Yamhill, Oregon. Which is also the home of the famous Trent farm UFO photos of 1950. McMinnville, Oregon in Yamhill county is home to an annual UFO Festival every May, inspired by the Trent event.  (This year, due to the virus, the festival’s been postponed.)

No mention if the house is haunted or otherwise anomalous, except for it’s design. From the outside, doesn’t look too strange, though it does have a mild spooky vibe. The gray house just sitting there beneath grayer clouds. But inside, weird angles abound. Could be strange episodes happen; the energy inside a space can certainly be felt and change a person’s physical and emotional sense. If you’ve spent some time in a yurt, for example, then go back into the usual square room, you know what I mean.


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