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UFO conference

McMinnville, OR UFO Fest

Are they really, truly going to go ahead and have this in May? Here in Oregon, schools are closed for the rest of the year, social distancing and self-isolation are encouraged, etc. etc. etc. and yet, it does seem like the annual UFO Fest in McMinnville, OR (home of the famous Trent UFO photos) will continue.

Good line up of speakers, and I would go this year if: 1) I had the money and 2) it wasn’t for the fucking PANDEMIC!


Mini Report: McMinnville UFO Fest 2009 Chirps, Trills and Wasps


wasp on roof.jpg

This blog post was originally posted at UFO Mystic May 16, 2010. UFO Mystic is now gone, sad to say. I enjoyed writing for them.  

I attended the McMinnville, Oregon UFO conference this weekend; very good, as usual. All the speakers were interesting, at the very least, and I’ll write more on that in the days to come. James Clarkson, Travis Walton, and Colin Andrews were the speakers. 

Two odd things happened during Colin Andrew’s presentation. (Of which I will be commenting a lot about; it’s so much to process and I’m not there yet.)

As usual, Peter Davenport, the MC, and conference coordinator Tim Hills both asked the audience at every presentation to turn off their cell phones. And as usual, there were a few people who didn’t seem to hear that request, or, care. Those people were sitting right behind us.

So Colin Andrews is giving a fantastic and deeply moving presentation; and these bozos behind us are talking, fooling around with their camera equipment, and having their cell phones going off. At one point, Interstellar Housewife’s Deirdre O’Lavery turns around and says in a succinct, quiet and to the point voice: “Will you shut the fuck up, we’re trying to listen to this.” They did, in fact, they looked like deer caught in the headlights and were pretty quiet after that.

Aside from the very few cell phones that went off periodically throughout the presentation it was pretty quiet. Then when Colin Andrews arrived at the point in his talk about government military intelligence type forces involved in crop circle research, (including the matter of fact statement uttered a few times by Andrews that there were agents in the room) along with the intelligence of the crop circles/makers themselves, several cell phones went off at the same time. It was a cacophony of cell phone tunes. Very eerie.

Earlier in the presentation, Andrews played recordings taken inside crop circles, and one taken in a tree. I had an immediate physical feeling while hearing one sound; it was under the skin, as if I were vibrating. During one of these recordings I literally could feel myself vibrating. I felt as if I were about to leave my body, I was having the same feeling I have when I have an OOBE. Jim (my husband) didn’t have that same physical feeling, but he did have a strong emotional response:

“The sound gave me the impression there’s something underlying, primordial — some sound like something you’ve heard all the time, something that’s been there sublimely all along.” he said.

Finally, the wasp. Right before leaving for Colin’s presentation, a yellow jacket got into our hotel room. It was crawling around on the inside of the window which was open a bit. The wasp was big and scary, at least to me, since all bugs are big and scary, no matter what their size. Jim killed it. (The windows in the Hotel Oregon don’t open very far, just a few inches, and he would have preferred to have removed the insect alive, but it wasn’t possible.) Then we left for Colin’s presentation.

A couple of minutes into the presentation, Andrews puts up a strange image; one magnified 3,000 times. It turns out it was the eye of a yellow jacket. Point being, how the yellow jacket remembers you; it knows you, when it singes you, it remembers you. “It knows you,” Collins said.

Other great things about the conference: the Rooftop Bar atop Hotel Oregon, meeting Contact’s Erik Stitt and Interstellar Housewife’s Deirdre O’Leavary, talking with MUFON researcher James Clarkson and his wife Joanne — both very neat people — the new UFO Fest designs.

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