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"Human beings are under the control of a strange force that bends them in absurd ways, forcing them to play a role in a bizarre game of deception." ~ Jacques Vallee

Lon Strickler of Phantoms and Monsters Needs Support

Lon Strickler, who manages the  Phantoms and Monsters blog, author of Mothman Dynasty and host of Arcane Radio, needs help. If you’re able, I’m sure he would appreciate it. He’s set up a Go Fund Me page.


From Tina Sena: People of Color and Anomalous Experiences

Tina Sena, sister paranormal pundit, has just posted this on her Facebook page. Tina very nicely gave me permission to re-post her post here on the Orb.

Tina Sena is curious about the myth that “people of color” don’t have alien, UFO and other weird experiences. Or, that they do have as many but don’t report their experiences.  Being a woman of color herself, she is curious about this. I remember this came up once when I was studying folklore. The late Dr. Edwin Coleman, who was African American, told me that in his experience, people of color didn’t report their experiences for fear of being further marginalized.  Not being a person of color myself, I can’t speak to this, all I can do is support Tina in her project.

So, there is this unspoken belief that People of Color do not really experience the paranormal. Or, that The Peoples of the Colors do not report as often as our Pale brethren. In my downtime, I have become a sort of collector/chronicler of ‘Urban myths & Monsters’ and I am looking for a lot more stories/experiences. I am searching for patterns and consistencies. So here is where you come in: submit your story. I will have a Blog/Site going up once I have enough content. I promise there will be a SUBMIT tab. For now, feel free to DM me. I will keep you anonymous if that’s what you wish. What I am looking for is a detailed account of your experience. As best as you can remember. Time of day, weather, your state of mind, were there witnesses, location…
I am looking for Urban experiences so ANYONE can submit. I am just trying to compile the experiences of Urban Dwellers and POC in one place.
To my friends in the Stream: if you have any stories that you could not use for whatever reason, that you think I could add, please HOLLA!
And finally, spread the word.
Thank you and G’day!

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Satan Statue Offends

Of course it does. Oh such an outcry! Such outrage! Hypocrites. Anyway, here’s the link to the story of Satanists in Arkansas and their statue.

Emma Woods: Childhood Memory of Entity


Drawing of ‘non-human creature’ seen by Emma Woods. Drawing by Emma Woods.


When I was a young child, I saw a small non-human creature in my bedroom. Another child also saw him, and she still remembers it as an adult. It is a fragmentary memory, and at first I could not remember his face. However, years later I suddenly remembered his face, and I drew this sketch of him. I am aware that he is an archetypal “alien”, and I know the mythology behind it. However, this is what I remember. I don’t know what he was, and I think it is possible that entities might present themselves in various forms, perhaps according to the culture of the time. So, perhaps this is how I saw him, and he might appear differently to others, and to those in other cultures. [Emma Woods]

Emma Woods graciously gave me permission to post her drawing of an entity she saw as a child, along with her post.

I like that Emma shared her memories; I also like the fact she writes “I know the mythology behind it” meaning the appearance of the entity.  Some might say these images are too convenient; not actual memories but influenced so heavily by the popular culture icon of “the gray” that we don’t remember accurately. Could be. I appreciate her honesty in noting this. I also like that she calls it a “non-human creature” and not an alien. As with my experiences, I don’t know if what I saw and experienced were aliens, as in ET, or, something else. Decidedly non-human though.

I have a painting I did years ago (the painting is buried in the studio for now) of the ‘invisible aliens’ I saw as a child. These beings were small, no taller than I, skinny, and almost like stick figures. That’s the sense I had, though I never saw them, not solidly.  They were transsparent, barely there. But, there indeed! Their heads were oval or triangular shape. The painting was done before the publication of Communion. As with Emma’s comments about her experience, I don’t know if these beings were ET, something else, and or if they appeared differently — or were interpreted differently — depending on culture and so on.

You can find Emma on social media:




Do I, Don’t I, Should I? Moving Sites

I’ve been on blogger for years. My Orange Orb blog has been on forever. If I move everything to here, well, I fear I’ll lose everything over there. Don’t know what to do. I do like Word Press. Just don’t know, yet.

Bigfoot, Dreams, Magonia — the Usual

Over at my blog Frame 352; the Stranger Side of Sasquatch, are three recent posts. Among them, Bigfoot dreams, and a link to Gordon White. If you aren’t familiar with White, be sure to explore what he has to offer.

Alien Dreams



Image: Public domain,

I have a lot of alien dreams. Some are intense, some silly, some — especially the early ones — I know are directly related to waking time UFO events. It may seem obvious, but, as is the norm in Anomalous Fringe World, the obvious frequently escapes our notice and we forget to do the thing we need to do that, well, seems obvious. In this case, an alien dream journal. You’d think I would have started one by now. In a sense, I have, in terms of blogs and an on-line presence.  Now is the time to do an actual, long hand journal, in a pretty and nifty book, its pages awaiting the latest.

Do some of these dreams represent something else entirely, and I’m using the motif of UFO as a stand-in? No doubt. But others; I’m not sure. Others, I know are representative of something deeper and more literal, UFO wise.

So, here’s a dream I had the other night:

I travel to San Fransicio, or maybe, Chicago. (I’ve lived in the Santa Cruz area and have been to San Fransico, also have family there, but never have been to Chicago.) (this is also a recent recurring dream landscape: the big city, San Fransico.) I’m upstairs in a hotel, or apartment, third or fourth story. The rooms are bare, save for a couple of beds, maybe a small table and chairs. No curtains on the windows. 

I look outside, it’s twilight. I see dozens of large spheres bobbing in the sky right outside the window. The spheres are exactly alike, in color, shape and size. An ugly light green color, tapering (ombre) to an ugly rose type color at the bottom. Ugh. 

They are not balloons. They are not drones, or planes, or anything mundane. They are UFOs, with aliens inside of them. And these aliens, while unseen, are nasty bastards. Up to no good. 

The aliens are after us. I’m inside this room with a few others; friends, family… and some strangers bang on the door, wanting to let them in. They have no where to go. The people I’m with don’t want me to let them in, and I don’t want to either. I don’t know them. But, they are as scared as I am and in danger as well, so I say “What the hell” and let them in. 

I realize we have to cover the windows. As long as we do, the aliens can’t get to us. I have a semi-lucid dream moment where I think: “Wait a second. If they’re aliens, andthey’re so damn smart and more evolved than us technologically, couldn’t they see through the curtains and sense our presence?” But I scurry around for something to use as curtains, and pull the sheets off the beds, using those to cover the windows.

Then I wake up.

Well there it is. I haven’t gone into it yet to try to figure it out. But if I keep a journal I think I’ll be seeing patterns and will be able to decode some of this stuff.

OBE, Green “Laser” Screen

I blogged on sister Orange (Orange Orb on blogger) that I haven’t given up on UFOs and all related strangeness. Just resting. But “give up?” never. Tired of the whole thing? No — though certainly tired of a lot of the sociologica

green laser

l aspects within UFO Land. But not the journey, not the subject. So, I took a look through a journal I kept way back when, and found this. Always interesting what you remember: I remember, to this day, the green screen, but not the rest.  The following is from that journal, just a few minor edits for clarity:

From May, 1991

I had another OBE. The night was an odd one — I felt very hot — not the hot you’d feel if the heat was on up too high, or too many b

lankets, but I was hot. Very uncomfortable physical feeling. A restless night; I kept drifting in and out on many levels but all were extremely uncomfortable. I was

fighting something; I remember thinking that thought and didn’t want to go to sleep. At one point I had an intense OBE (out of body experience).  With this was the distinct and very strong feeling — a real feeling — of someone, something, pulling m

e forcefully from my body. Specifically, pulling on my left hand. This presence was pulling “me” out of my shell: my body. It all felt like heavy wool, or cotton, I was being pulled and I was fighting it, and suddenly I saw inside my head someone, or something, put it there. A fluorescent green screen with columns of words flashing by left to right, like a computer screen, or more like a microfiche machine.

I heard a voice, and a sensation of the origin of this voice “pointing” to the screen and say “laser” meaning I was to read that word, see it within all the other words and numbers.

So damn uncomfortable, and all the next day I felt really crummy.

I told James the next evening : all I said was “I didn’t sleep well last night.”  He then told me he didn’t’ either. He had odd dreams ” . . . about a

liens” he said, but couldn’t remember anything specific. Also, he had the same sensation I had of being hot and he told me (without my offering any info on my own) that it was a different kind of hot, one he’d never experienced before.

Today, reading the mystery “Probable Cause” and the coroner in the book uses a laser to see the “unseen” on a human body and the color of this laser they use for their purposes was “fluorescent green.”

I like that last bit of Trickster like synchronicity; reading about green fluorescent lasers detecting the “unseen” on human bodies.

Well, there it is. James and I have had many a shared experience, or parallel experiences, throughout our marriage, as well as similar encounters during childhood.

For awhile there, decades ago, and following our Orange Orb sighting, we were having all kinds of UFO and generally anomalous experiences.


Lost Clowns and MIB

Speaking of clowns (see previous post), I had forgotten about an article I wrote for Tim Binnall on his site. (My Trickster’s Realm column at BOA.) The tittle is MIBS, Clowns and Helicopters, from 2008! Awhile ago. An excerpt:

Christa Tilton, an abductee, had a few frightening encounters with MIBS; chasing her down in their shiny car, trying to run her off the road, and so on. She said that the MIB’s “lips appeared to be reddened in some way.” (p110) This was independent of Dr. Hopkin’s description.

The consistency among the MIBS appearance in general, and this odd specific detail, add more mystery to an otherwise Big Mystery: UFOs. What, who, where, why, how? Something about the red lips gives me the creeps; reminding me of Killer Clowns From Space and clowns in general. Don’t mistake this for some kitschy appreciation of a pop culture meme; I don’t like clowns, not one bit. There’s a whole shadowy world of clowns in Forteana (including some Mothman related stuff) that is not the amusing, friendly and harmless circus type clown some know and love. (I don’t think the circus is any wholesome happy place either but that’s another story.)




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