Er, no. I believe there are ETs, that’s a big huge given. More to the point; they’re here. They’ve been here for a very long time.

Evidence is not proof, but it is data, and it is compelling. So if you’re waiting for the ultimate “proof”, say, as in disclosure, forget it. Make that official, I mean Official, disclosure.  The latter will never happen. The former, with a lower case d, happens every damn day. Every witness account, every posting, every narrative, add up to that conclusion. We may not be interpreting things clearly — we know for a fact, that “they” love playing Trickster Theater.  But the existence of an “other” is beyond debate.

I accept, even while remaining bemused and baffled, that some don’t think aliens are real, that we don’t have an ET presence right here, among us.

What I can’t understand is why some proponents of an alien presence firmly believe that they’re help to help us. To aid humankind. Space Brothers to the Rescue! Bullshit.


Like those who reject a Judeo-Christian god because “he” doesn’t cure cancer, poverty, and other woes, ET Space Brother believers think the aliens are all about helping us. Worse, if we don’t get that, well, the fault is ours. We’re not on the right vibration. We’re not evolved enough. Our fear keeps us from progressing.

Oh fuck you.

The aliens — some of them anyway — don’t care about our well being. They care about theirs. If they are about helping us, why do we continue to have wars, sickness, poverty, etc.? If nothing else, why do they allow us to continue to rape the earth? You’d think, well, they don’t care about us, but at least they care about the planet. Nope. Apparently not.